Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art Displays

In addition to the usual craziness at this time of year, I had to fit in a trip to district office to take down my 3D display.

Each art teacher in our district is required to put up either a 2D or 3D display (we rotate every other year) in our district boardroom. It's wonderful PR for our programs and our student's artwork so please excuse my whining.

The 2D artwork is located directly behind the school board dais on 3 large bulletin boards.

A smaller BB is opposite that wall, sometimes hidden by an ActivBoard (which is why my pix shows an awkward angle).

Glass display cases line the entry to the boardroom which was where my Wabi Sabi and coil pots along with the ceramic fish and mixed-media robots have resided for the past few weeks.

In addition, framed student work is on permanent display throughout the district office - Personnel, Payroll, Administrative offices, etc.

All of this was made possible through the efforts of both previous fine arts administrators and current colleagues who push to get our message of quality visual arts education out to our community.

Do you have areas other than your school site where student artwork is on permanent display? Please leave a comment sharing what you and your colleagues do to expose your students' work to a wider audience in your community...


  1. Hey, Nancy, I linked to this post over on my bulletin board blog. I hope you don't mind. jan

  2. I just LOVE that 2-d display in the board room. Oh wait, its mine!

  3. I know the feeling. It's awesome to put it up a pain to take it down! It's great to show off your program in the room where decisions on programming and funding is made!


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