Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Confessions of a Tray-aholic

"Hello, my name is Nancie Kay and I'm a tray-aholic"...

I'm unloading/loading the kiln yesterday afterschool (..when will it ever end?!?) and as I look around for trays to sort the work, I realize that I must have a severe addiction to trays...

Some of my scavenged/donated freebies are:

Ventilated bread trays

and plastic soda trays that help speed the drying of my claywork.

My cardboard trays are donated by the guys who fill our soda machine every few weeks

and doesn't everybody use the lids to the hundreds of copy paper cases we go through every year?

These flat trays were rescued from science kits that were headed to the dumpster.

My everyday, hands-down favorites are the MARVELOUS clear plastic trays donated by a retired teacher's wife who does home health care.

Some trays were actually purchased with money

These were from Michael's Arts and Crafts - on sale for a buck of course!

Heavy duty trays were purchased by the school when we first opened our doors 8 years ago...

I've addressed my box fetish in a previous post & it appears that trays run a close second...

So - do you think it's genetics or environmental?


  1. I have a bad case of tray envy going on right now, Nancie. Funny thing is...the kitchen piles up those plastic bread trays in the hallway near our tempting is that? I don't think I'd be able to get through a day without the flat cardboard trays...the copy paper boxes never have lids when I'm around:)

  2. I admire your restraint towards those bread trays - they'd never stand a chance in my hallway during clay season...
    I've also been known to cut the strapping ties off the copy paper boxes to grab the lid before it disappeared...

  3. I'm living at the kiln these days as well ;) Makes me feel better knowing there are other art teachers around the world doing the same thing after school! I'm a tray addict as well- always snag the copy box lids as well as cafeteria trays. Trays are super useful.

  4. One type of tray I haven't been able to acquire is the flat, sturdy, plastic trays - cafeteria trays without the sections. I have 2 aluminum bakers racks on wheels (pix: that I bought cheap at an auction 3 years ago but have yet to figure out a free/low cost way to get the trays that go with them...any suggestions? I could expand my shelf space 10X over during clay season!!

  5. Our elementary school cafeteria trays have sections. I think you have to go to college to find the flat ones.
    Not one, but TWO rolling baker's racks? Completely over the top! Would masonite work? Or peg board if you want ventilation.

  6. Good to know I'm not the only one with assorted trays all over the art room. There was enough left in my budget this year and I've decided to go to Lowe's and having plywood cut for shelves for the racks. Now i just have to find the time after school to do it. This whole A++ thing great but it was one more job! I'm looking forward to a solid week of teaching again.

  7. Let me know how that plywood works for you! I was thinking probably 1/2" thick to hold up to heavy wet clay projects...I might make enough money off the braiding sales to buy a few sheets...


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