Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wrap It Up!

Sent home all of the 1st grade sculptures this week. I set up a table with everything I needed to prepare them for the treacherous route home.

Plastic bags (purchased on the CHEAP from Treasure 4 Teachers) in different sizes

Names printed out and pre-cut for easy tear-off

Stack of newspapers, roll of masking tape and stapler

My method for wrapping is to put the sculpture in a corner of a full newspaper sheet.

Fold over the corner

Fold over right side,

then left side,

Then roll it up gently, burrito-style.

Wrap tape around to close (not too tight!).

Place in bag & staple name tag to outside

My kids are told NEVER to put their clay pieces in their backpack but rather carry the bag in their hands. Can't remember a time when anyone told me their work broke before getting it home...

What method do you use?


  1. I actually send them home in hand.... I get one or two that come back with a broken piece or two. I've been able to fix them. But I really haven't had any problems... yet...

  2. Good for you! About 80% of our kids ride the bus to/from school which adds to the possibility of damage...

  3. A great idea from last year's student teacher, that I used this year as well when making coil pots with my 4th graders with fragile air dry clay. We collected tissue boxes, the cube style. We cut the top to the corners for easy opening, and made a nest of newspaper in the bottom. Then I had a bunch of extra fiberfill stuffing that we used, but newspaper or foam peanuts would be OK too. Finally we taped the box shut, and like you I recommended holding the box in their hands. I often tell kids, when send I home clay projects, to imagine that they are baby birds, and they haven't learned to fly yet.

  4. I like the baby bird analogy - thanks for sharing!


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