Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pinch Pot Techniques

Second graders are mid-way through their fish sculptures. A colleague of mine, Nancy F, taught me this many moons ago & it's always a big hit with my kids!

Students were taught 3 pinch techniques:
the 'okay' sign was used to pinch their piece of clay into 2 sections -- 1 smaller than the other.

The 'baby bye-bye' was used to pinch the smaller section into the tail fin.

The mouth (larger section) was formed with straight thumb and fingers - only the thumb was allowed inside the mouth (it was a 'Thumbs Only' clubhouse - no fingers allowed!). This method helps prevent wide, thin walls of the mouth.

We have begun to add the details of eyes, dorsal and pectoral fins with options for teeth & tongue.

Don't you just love the personalities!!

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  1. Nancie Kay, I wanted to let you know, I just added a scan of my trihexaflexagon instructions to the post you commented on yesterday (at There's a Dragon in my Art Room). So check back at the post, and you can copy and print them to use. Hope that this helps. It should be easier than anything you find on line, that will be filled with mathematical jargon.


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