Monday, May 30, 2011

Fabulous Fish-ees

As I wrap up the last of my ceramic fish, I thought I would share some of my favorites. We spent three 45 min classes to create these and an additional 2 classes to complete the glazing after the bisque firing -

First class: learning about clay, how to manage clay dust, table set-up for clay and the technique used to 'pinch' the fish body & tail

Second class: learning how to 'score, slip & press' essential parts (dorsal & pectoral fins, eyes) to the basic form.

Third class: Elaboration!!! (tongue, teeth, texture, etc.)

I love the pattern on this one - very thoughtful choices.

The flirty wave this fish is giving - What a delight!

Have you ever seen a spoiler on a fish before?

Bows were contagious with some of the girls.

This one I call 'four eyes' for obvious reasons.

Here's Fang:

Great elaboration here!

Note: Fish were built with Laguna buff clay and color was added with Amaco underglazes and clear glaze.


  1. They're fabulous! We did the same exact thing. Ours will be ready to go in the kiln Monday but we're painting with acrylic because I don't have any underglazes just regular glaze which runs and no time left!

  2. Those are really sweet, Nancie. I may have to try those to replace my clay frogs. jan


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