Saturday, October 30, 2010

Color Wheels

My grades are posted and our school website under control so I now have time to get back to blogging. Hurray!!

My first graders loved making their color wheel chart this week. We used crayons only in the three primary colors to fill in their worksheet and they were AMAZED to find that they could create orange, violet & green. Never get tired of seeing that wonder on their faces!

Last year, I purchased an extra Color Wheel chart from Dick Blick to post in my l-o-n-g narrow art room and splurged on a class set of the smaller personal color wheels for only a few $$ more. Got 'em laminated & use them ALL THE TIME with al my classes for color work.

With these little ones, it was easy for the kiddos to copy & write each color name next to the color - it was right there in front of them on the chart.

Another helpful tool was my ActivBoard. Recently, I attended a PD class on 'Beyond the Basics' with the latest software, ActivInspire. I finally mastered how to 'Annotate the Desktop' so that I can write/color on top of my worksheets which really helps to give directions visually to the whole class.

Here's a PDF of my worksheet if you're interested. Next up - more experimentation with color! Stay tuned...


  1. Thanks for the PDF! I love this color wheel. Not so boring like others. Love your blog!

  2. Glad you can use it - and thank you for your kind words!


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