Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finishing A Woven Pouch

A few of my students met the challenge of finishing their woven pouch before the end of the year. We really needed one or two more full class periods for the majority to complete their work. I may get a few more this week since 4 3rd grade classes will meet this week. I had a request from Angie to explain how I finish so I took some pix to help explain.

1. Weaving must fill the short side (front) and long side (back) completely - pack tightly so no warp threads show.

2. I weave a locking stitch for final row - this is done under the top row. Older students could do this themselves.

3. Demonstrate to the student how to 'pop' off the loops of warp along both top edges with the needle. Younger students can do this themselves.

4. Remove the longer warp on the edges and clip in half. Slide off cardboard loom.

5. Turn inside out.

6. Weave ends into pouch.

7. Ta Da!

In years past, I sewed a button on the front with a yarn loop for closure but faced with more than 170 pouches to finish, it was a daunting task...I've opted not to do it the past 2 years and the kids are just as happy with the tuck in flap. Students with a savvy sewer at home often get a fancier closure after taking the pouch home.


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