Friday, March 25, 2011

7 classes & 200+ pots...

My third graders read the book "The Pot That Juan Built" and are finishing their coil pots. I LOVE coil pots but with 7 groups of 3rd graders - that's a LOT of pots to keep track of so...

Each class uses a different shaped base so I can differentiate if they get mixed up (and trust me - they always do!).

Every student gets a construction paper shape in a different color - they use this as both a name tag and a template to cut around for their base.

So we have yellow circles

gray squares

pink triangles

light blue rectangles

white ovals

beige diamonds

long tan rectangles.

Glad I don't have EIGHT groups...


  1. The octagons are feeling quite slighted...

  2. HA! You are VERY welcome to hand cut 40 some octagons for me next year...


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