Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taking the Plunge

One of my goals for summer blogging was to setup Twitter and Facebook accounts to increase traffic to my blog.

Deep breath.

Mission accomplished! My twitter account is listed as: handsheadnheart and my facebook account is under Nancie Kay. Please add a comment if your blog is linked to either site as well!

I still have to do more tweaking but my tech experts won't get out of bed for few more hours yet - high school & college boys need their rest I guess...


  1. Unfortunately my tech expert has graduated from college and moved to Boston, and I'll be lucky to get him home at all this summer :(

    So I'm clueless about all this stuff. I'm on facebook, but mostly so I can keep up with him and what he's up to and see his photos, but my blog isn't attached to my facebook account in any way, if that makes sense. So I guess I shouldn't have left a comment, since I'm not linked... oh well.

  2. I would love to find you on Twitter, but my tech child is sleeping, too. Perhaps when he awakes:)
    I use facebook the way Phyl does, to keep up with the wonderful lives of kids who have left the nest.
    Have you skyped yet? Because that can be fun, too. (There again, I rely on a kid to set it up)

  3. Love the comments...nice to know others are tech 'newbies' too. I've used Skype at school and at home (college son). Since our district isn't fond of allowing our art teachers too many face-to-face meetings (we tend to get a bit too proactive politically), a few of us tried to collaborate online through Skype. Everybody has diff rules at their site about who can meet and when so that proved insurmountable most of the time. I think there is something out there that allows multiple users to 'Skype' at once so I may look into that this summer. If any of you out there in the blogging-sphere have experience with that, please leave a comment!


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