Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 2 of Vocab in the Art Classroom

On Day 2 are agenda was as follows:

Jeane, an art colleague, demonstrated how she uses vocab cards with her students. The large cards feature an illustration and the word she's teaching.

The card is held so the word is covered then the fold is opened to show the corresponding vocab word.

In addition to showing the card & pronouncing the word (breaking it into syllables) she uses TPR - Total Physical Response by creating a gesture to go with the term. So students would associate the visual - word and illustration - and experience physical movement with the word.

Paper in different colors are designated for different vocab - for example: artists, basic art terms/principles & elements and media/materials.

Our district uses a 'grammar wall' in every classroom to help develop English vocabulary.

This 'wall' can be used with our vocab - using sticky notes, we can post our words after we identify its part of speech.

Our groups began typing up the word lists and matching with illustrations. Those who weren't typing began folding the stacks of paper, cutting up the word lists and gluing everything together...busy, busy, busy...


  1. So how do you feel this is going to work for you??

  2. Well...I hope to approach vocab differently. Saying the word & showing the word isn't always successful for my ELL kiddos that I only see once a week. Incorporating more illustrations & TPR along with some vocab games now 'n then may just help my students retain their vocab longer - at least thru the length of the project!! I'll be sure to post my results & if I see a difference. From your recent blog post, it sounds like your team got a lot of work done this summer - similar to our pacing guides which we follow here...


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