Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art Vocabulary Games

My brain is pretty much fried after 3 days of classes on incorporating more vocab into our lessons. We have been busy building our vocab lists based on our state standards and pacing guides...

Today was entertaining though, because we learned some new word games - Save the Pig looks interesting & fun - a PC version of hangman...

Draw a pig, then the blanks for the word's letters. Kids name a letter - if correct it goes on a blank & they get to guess the vocab word. If incorrect, erase a part of the pig hence the name "Save the Pig!!!"


  1. Great minds! I was so frustrated the other day when my bilingual fifth graders could not remember the vocab we've been learning for 3 weeks! Instead of looking silly in front of the other adults in the room I put up blank lines on the board (after no one could tell me what we'd been working on) filled in two letters and let them guess at the rest. They finally got the word (after guessing some crazy letters like X) Oh well it saved me a little face:)

  2. I feel your pain! My kids will tell me that they need some more of that 'stuff' or one of those 'things' and give me that blank look when I say 'what stuff?'. Am hoping these ideas will help them retain vocab for more than a nanosecond...
    We work at such a disadvantage seeing our students only once a week!


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