Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 1 of Vocab in the Art Classroom

We covered so much this past week, that I thought I would break down what we did in separate posts. Here's our agenda for Day 1:

Our group of 12 art teachers split off from the larger group which included PE and Music teachers. We studied our pacing guides (developed over the past 2 summers) to work on our basic vocabulary lists. Groups of 2 - 3 art teachers concentrated on the various grade levels - I worked w/Jo and John to write up the list for K-1. Others wrote for Gr.2-3, 4-5, 6-7-8.

There were great discussions on what to include, what to leave out for now and how to write it (ex: media/plural or medium/singular). Once lists were created on this day, vocab words were written on large index cards to keep handy in classroom to review and to use for quick vocab games which we learned about on Day 3. Cards were labeled and sorted by both grade level and grading periods.

I chose to write my words in color according to grade level (K-yellow, 1st-orange & so on thru the color wheel) so as to readily identify them. Grading periods are written in upper corner.

I have a 4x6 metal index file box & dividers gathering dust on a shelf in my room that will be put to use as soon as I can get to it...

Here's a summary of our first day...


  1. i'd be really interested in these lists if you were allowed to share them. working with a population that is 85% non-native English speakers, i put a lot of emphasis on building vocabulary in the art room. i'd love to see what words you've included and at what grade level. thanks!

  2. I can do that as soon as I have access to all the K-8 lists. I only have hard copies of 3-8 right now...Send me an email & I'll send out a word document when I get them!


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