Sunday, June 5, 2011


In getting ready for summer break, I needed to clear the classroom of all items stored on the floor under tables, on top of cabinets, on the counters, etc, etc. So that means my storerooms are packed solid until after my room has been re-painted (first time since school was built 8 yrs ago!) and the floors are cleaned/waxed. Usually I bring my sons in July to arrange the tables & stools, my desk, computers, etc. THEN I can get started on the storerooms - organizing, sorting & pitching out the unwanted.

One of my secret storage places is the kiln...

Do you have any 'unique' areas you store stuff over the summer?


  1. My building is 11 years old and my room still hasn't been repainted..

    I don't have a kiln, but what a great idea! I just stuff everything everywhere and hope for the best. Then I have to figure out where it all is when I come back.

  2. This is sneaky! Great place to hide some real treasures. I have to run my kiln as soon as I can get a day in my room. A staff project needs to get clear glazed and fired.


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