Sunday, June 12, 2011

Game Day! Day 3 of Vocab in the Art Classroom

On the third day of class, we began to put together some of the work done previously to create games.

A simple matching card game was made from our vocab lists. Jo and I made our K-1 game using illustrations with the word.

The other groups matched words with definitions.

We used colored index cards, 4"x6" cut in half and used different colors for different grade levels. At my school, we have a great group of parent volunteers every Tuesday morning so I anticipate having them make multiple sets for my classroom when school starts up again. I'll color code the diff grade levels & within grade levels have a diff line/shape design on the backs which is easy to do before they're cut up. That way, each table group in a class will have their own set. It should be a great way to review terms at the end of every grading period (or long term project) - especially as we scramble to finish projects in time for report cards - a great way to occupy those early finishers...

When all the cutting & matching was done, lamination was the last step. Again, my parent volunteers could do that for me...

I mentioned another game we learned about in a previous post - 'Save the Pig' which requires only something to write on - whiteboard or chart paper.

Magic Letter, Magic Word uses the same materials but the teacher supplies the word - posted/written - and asks the students to name as many words as they can that describes that term.

Points are awarded for every answer BUT bonus points for more thoughtful replies - notice the asterisks? Teacher determines what merits bonus points...This could be a quick fill-in game when you have a few extra minutes at end of class.

More ideas to share later - this post is long enough....


  1. Been getting a little obsessed with the whole vocab and image thing. I was going through more books and bummed that some great images were too small for the posters. I think they'd make a great match up game. Pull a term like "symmetry" from the definition cards and the students have to pull the images that match the term. What do you think?

  2. Absolutely - I'm thinking of those small pix in catalogs or index card size too...
    If I get motivated enough, I'm going to work on an ActivBoard lesson(s) too. Which GL did you work on? Who did the others? Want to get started on the other matching card games without re-typing everything...

  3. Hey ladies, I'm hoping someone is gonna share all this with me since I was unable to make it. Teaching art at summer school.

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  5. For the right price...Or you can just wait until our back-to-school meeting when Jeane will probably have a zillion copies for everyone that wasn't there...
    How were you able to swing a job teaching art during summer school? Did your site offer classes?

  6. I have the vocab for 2/3, 4/5 but I haven't yet made the revisions and sent the files to you. I'm in training again this week. Yeah, I get what you meant about discipline and management training. I have picked up a good tidbit here or there but the days are loooooooooong.

  7. We aren't as good at teaching art vocab in my school district as you all are. I am very impressed with your matching games as well as all of the others. It seems like a lot of work but I'm sure when you see your kids using the games it will all seem worthwhile.

  8. Our district has a majority of ELL kids so to keep those scores up, we have to spend a lot of time on literacy. Although these games will require setup time (some more than others), the vocab will stay the same so materials can be used year after year...


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