Monday, May 17, 2010

Woven Pouch

My third graders are beginning to complete their woven pouches. Thought you’d want to see some pix. The students chose a limited palette of 5 colors of yarn. It’s always fascinating to see how the color combinations they choose match their personalities!

The lesson was adapted from the book You Can Weave! Projects for Young Weavers written by Kathleen Monaghan and Hermon Joyner. We used the cardboard from cereal boxes to build our looms.

I have found that using a template to guide the cutting of warp spacing for the loom saves a lot of time. I used to be a purist & taught them how to use a ruler to measure the spaces. I stopped doing that when I realized we were using an entire 45 min. period just for measuring!

I color code the templates so each class has a different color - keeps me from mixing them up! Another tip I use to help speed things along is to pre-cut the yarn into 24” lengths. They really enjoyed using some of the variegated yarns I borrowed from the 4th grade braiding projects.

I’ll be teaching the woven pouch project at our state conference this fall so it’s nice to have these great examples…If you’d like the lesson plan, email me & when I write it up this summer, I’ll send you a copy!


  1. Hello, I have just accepted a position to be an Art teacher in a private Christian School for K-8th. I would love any advice, suggestions, and lesson plans you might have, including this woven pouch. I just love this idea and I'm sure the students have a blast making them!


  2. I would love to be able to email you for the lesson plan, since I'm a new K-8 art teacher, but can't find your email! I'm veriditerblue(at)gmail(dot)com , and would really appreciate it! Thanks!


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