Sunday, May 2, 2010


What a great time I had yesterday! Went to a new favorite store to shop - Treasures 4 Teachers - with one of my art colleagues. I picked up a my membership just last weekend. They are giving free membership to a limited number of teachers in the area who teach in a low-income district/school – 75% or more of students receiving free or reduced lunches. Since my school qualifies I was in like a bandit! Anyway, last weekend I didn’t stay long enough to shop, just wanted to grab a membership before they ran out. So today, I took my time and found some goodies…

Treasures is a non-profit run by volunteers providing low cost or free supplies to teachers through overstocks & donations. Check out their website for more info:

So my score today was: numerous bobbins of nylon thread (to be used as warp for future weavings), lots of plastic bags (for students to carry home ceramics), binders, business card magnets, rubber thingies to press into clay or print with, wallpaper book (collage, altered book covers), sheets of blank certificates (for end of the year awards) and several decks of playing cards (future artists trading cards).

They’re having a HUGE garage sale next weekend so I may have to trek back there again…

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  1. Garage sale, this weekend? I think I can put away my first batch of treasures and make a trip for more goodies. let me know if/when you go.


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