Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Advice

Many years ago (about the time of dinosaurs), when I was student teaching I received some very good advice: The two most important people to an art teacher are the office secretary and the custodians.

The secretary KNOWS everything and the custodian can just about DO anything.

I have a wonderful & patient secretary who understands when I lose yet another form that was due yesterday (and gets me another). She’s quick to compliment the student artwork that goes up in the office (even though I should change the exhibits much more frequently). She always has a kind word and smile for me anytime I venture out of the art cave to the real world.

I currently have the BEST sweeper (janitor) on campus. I come in to a clean floor, clean tables, clean sinks and sometimes (if I’m REALLY lucky) bookshelves that have been dusted and straightened. Amazing! I make sure to let her know just how much I appreciate what she does for me on a regular basis. Our rooms get so messy & while we do our best to keep up with the worst of it, it can make a HUGE difference to have your room clean & ready the next day! When she was gone for a few days this spring on a trip…Aaugh!

I’m also blessed with a lead custodian who works hard and is so very helpful. Your custodian is your right hand man (or woman). When you have a great one, it will make your day! Mine usually gives me a heads-up when the Fire Marshal is due for the annual inspection so I can do some clear cutting of the forest in my storerooms….that alone makes him a super hero!

Bottom line: We depend on these people every day. Make sure you take the time to let them know how much they mean to you and how you appreciate what they do for you…

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