Friday, May 7, 2010

Professional Development

As much as I may complain about some things in my district, one thing I appreciate greatly is the amazing group of colleagues that I work with. Today, we were scheduled for ‘professional development’ all morning.

As much as I’ve learned in my 20+ years teaching art, I always look forward to learning more. When the art teachers in our district gather for PD with one of our own leading the workshop, I know I’ll walk away with new ideas or a fresh take on something I’ve done before.

Within our group, we have practicing artists in glass fusing, mixed media, watercolor, and more. We have National Board Certified Teachers. We have several close to retirement and just as many with only a few years of art teaching under their belt. The rest are somewhere in between. It’s a good mix of abilities, ages and talents.

ANYWAY… long story short: another great class. We learned ideas on how to incorporate explicit vocabulary, self-evaluation, and rubrics to our classes from one of our own (and fellow blogger), Jeane. Can hardly wait to try out the ideas & make ‘em my own! I promise to share once I have practiced…

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