Monday, October 31, 2011

What's in a Name?

One of my frustrations is artwork without a name. To cut down on the number of anonymous artists turning in work, I've started to try something new.

When doing something wet or messy, I now require my students to put their name (first and last names for grades 2 and up) on their paper BEFORE they get the tray of good 'stuff'. Table helpers have to check for names and the class code on each person's work at their table (about 3 or 4 students at each table) before getting the supply tray.

This not only ensures that we won't have to turn a painting over when wet to add a name - it also slows down the rush to hurry up and slop something on their paper to claim the title "I started FIRST!!"

What do you do to make certain that names go on your student work at the start?

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  1. I've done similar stuff - it can get so frustrating! Lots of times I'll hand out the paintbrushes and I tell the kids that showing me their name and class (grade + teacher initial) on their paper is their "ticket" to get a paintbrush. No name, no brush. Sometimes ones get by me and I make a big act of putting their precious work in the recycle box and watch the appalled looks on their faces seeing their artwork drifting into the box. (I do let them rescue it and fix it.)

    I get upset by kids that think writing their initials is good "enough". We see too many kids a day, a week, to be able to ID a kid from his initials!


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