Thursday, October 20, 2011

Papermaking Workshop @ AAEA '11 conference

My last workshop of the conference was papermaking. This isn't the first time I've dabbled in it but I learned a great new tip this time.

Setup was ziploc bags of pulp prepared ahead of time...

Large foil pans were filled with about 2" of water with a handful of pulp added.

There were a variety of molds for us to try...

The BEST new technique was the tip to use plastic mesh - the stuff I used to use for needlework. So much easier to get & use than the wire screen mesh in the wooden frames... We just swished the mesh in the pulp pans, flipped it over onto newspaper and used sponges to press on the back of the mesh to soak up the extra water.

Here are some of the results of the workshop...

This workshop will also have lesson plans posted on the AAEA website - hopefully soon!

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