Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Class Wonders

Up to my neck in bisque firings - 1 more day/kiln load and then I can start the glaze firings. I swear, those greenware pieces reproduce at night in the dark of the kiln room...

While the kids are waiting, we're doing some one day projects - a rarity in my room!

The 5th graders created paper chains...I was inspired by this blog post from Art Projects for Kids which brought back memories of the old gum wrapper chains of my youth.

My kids had good luck w/pieces cut 2" x 5". I demonstrated the folding technique with pieces twice that size (4" x 10") so they could see the process more easily.

In the interest of reduce, recycle, reuse I used an assortment of papers, some of which I already had on hand.

Fluorescent bond/copy paper was a favorite.

Wallpaper strips offered great variety but vinyl-coated was a bit tricky to fold.

Strips cut from magazine pages worked & gave many color combinations but tore easily.

I created a collage of sheet music & made copies for an interesting black & white paper. I bet old maps would work too!

The kids loved the project & we had a success rate of about 80% - 90% in a 45 min. class period.


  1. Wrigly's Spearmint gum wrappers... first image that came to mind.

  2. You, young thing - you remember these?!?

  3. I admit that I am also old enough to remember making these. It was our goal to make our chains as long as the height of the boy you "liked". Wrigleys, Juicy Fruit, etc...


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