Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ceramic Artwork from our K-5 Schools

Couldn't wait to show you all the great ceramics that are being shown during our current District art exhibit...

Isn't this just grand?

Clay whistles were popular with more than one teacher this year. For any small sculptures or jewelry, some teachers teachers use a plexiglass 'box' over the projects to discourage theft...

I'm not sure how these fellows are constructed - they're new this year - but I'll have to find out because they look great!

Never get tired of seeing these cute houses...

These face jugs were just wonderful - each and every one was so unique and had such expressive personalities. I also like the limited palette of only 3 colors...

One of my Wabi Sabi pots...

These ceramic lidded boxes were new this year & were a favorite of many...

And now for dessert...


  1. Hi Nancie, I love the little boxes, especially the lidded white/black ones. What was the process for these? Did students make their own stamps or use found objects?


  2. Ren - the lidded boxes were made from white clay, stained w/an underglaze, and then dipped in clear glaze. Found objects were stamped on the clay to form patterns. Hope this helps - I may try them myself next year!

  3. Yippee! The cupcakes are from my school. :) Thanks Nance!

  4. The cupcakes looked too delicious to ignore...

  5. I love the blue Wabi Sabi pot.
    The little boxes are beautiful.

  6. What technique did you use to build the face jugs? They're amazing!


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