Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In with the new, out with the old

I finally succumbed to one of the million viruses floating around school late last week and am slowly making it back to the land of the healthy. Only missed one day of school but my voice is still not great - especially with all the clay dust floating around my room these days!

I thought I would share pix of my newest table cloths that I use for clay classes. The kids were so excited to have such a variety! My previous ones were bought at Halloween closeout sale - 8 orange tablecloths at $1 each was a smokin' deal at the time...

Some of the new tablecloths celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick's Day...

Others are Easter-themed...

And a 'Happy Birthday' just for the fun of it!

Most of these flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths were bought on sale at Joann's Fabrics or at a discount from Big Lots. Using these along with the clay placemats (cut from scraps of awning material donated to the artroom) REALLY cuts down on the dust & cleanup. My old ones were bought about 5 years ago & were full of taped up holes/tears so we were ready for something NEW!

My kiddos are taught how to fold the the tablecloths into thirds lengthwise and then rolled up tightly to be put away in the cabinet. It quickly & efficiently clears away the mess for the next non-clay class...


  1. Ha,ha! I started using table cloths when I would see the swirls of clay dust left on your tables after sponging them off. Isn't amazing how well clean up is?

  2. Hey anything that helps after 6 back-to-back clay classes (cough, cough, cough) is worth just about anything!


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