Friday, March 30, 2012

Stress Relief

Last fall when the stress of adding 1 then 2 classes to my schedule along with some other health concerns at home, I picked up my crochet needles. I don't like to follow patterns when I'm trying to relax so I just made square washcloths for Xmas gifts. Liked 'em so much I decided to make more for my classroom...

These are all made out of Lily's Cream n Sugar cotton yarns.

I think my favorite color is the rainbow multi color - bright color-wheel colors! Perfect for the Art room...

After trying out several different sizes & shapes, I think the 5" square or circular shape fits the hand of my cleaner-uppers best. The kids love using the washcloths & I like the fact that they can be washed after a hard day's use (thus becoming germ-free). I use them for quick paint clean-up and they make the tables look like new afterwards...


  1. These so much cooler than the cut t-shirt sleeves my kiddos use. How many desert marigolds in exchange for a few for your partner in crime?

  2. Deal! Black & white or are you in the mood for some color?


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