Monday, March 12, 2012

Ceramic Studio Tour '12, last stop: Part 1

One of my favorite artists on the tour was Deborah Hodder (her day job is a full-time elementary art teacher here in Phoenix). Perhaps because I could easily transfer her ceramic creations into classroom projects for my K-5 students. Of course they couldn't compete with hers but her work showed some basic construction techniques that could be reproduced simply.

These mugs were LOVELY featuring simple slab work with fabulous pattern and texture.

The hearts were hollow and again featured her unique pattern and texture details.

Her potrait pots were amazing and started with a simple coil construction. Coils were about 1" thick as was the base.

Once she has the height she desires, the coils (inside and outside) are smoothed/joined with a rib tool.

Then she begins to push and pull out the thick walls of the pot to form her facial portraits...

The finished pots are AMAZING!

See more of her pots here.

There were also portraits that she created out of paper pulp...

I bet some of you jr high and high school art teachers could have some fun with this!

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