Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ceramic Studio Tour '12, final artists

In my previous posts, I shared the ceramic art of several artists. In this final wrap-up I'll talk about the last 2 artists on the tour.

Susan Risi used slab construction to make unusual mugs and sculptures.

In her demo, you can see how she stamped a variety of textures on the slab before wrapping it into her cylinder shape.

Her pot handle was a curved cone shape, supported temporarily by a chunk of clay until the handle dried sufficiently.

Her totem was a real eye-catcher!

You can see more of her pots here.

Esmeralda Delaney specializes in mosaics. She was working on this piece the day of the tour...

Here are some small versions of her technique.

I thought this small plate was interesting...

but the best part were the 'feet' on the bottom!

you can see more of her work here.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing all the wonderful works on the '12 Tour. Since I only stopped at 3 studios, I know there is much more to see at next year's! I'll have to set aside the entire weekend to have any hope of seeing most of it...

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  1. be sure to stop by at http://www.artologistsstudio.blogspot.com/ to see more pix of the artists on the tour!


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