Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Student Name Challenge

Well I've been doing this (teaching Art) since the '76-'77 school year (PLEASE don't do the math...) with a few years off here and there due to re-location or leave of absence for birth of 2nd baby but I am STILL learning new names every year. We're talking names I have never SEEN or HEARD of before - AMAZING!

So I counted them up and so far I have 48 names that are new to me this school year. Apostrophes in the middle of a name appear to be a new trend. To be fair, some new monikers are spelled like a name I've seen before but it's pronounced a WHOLE new way...

Here's the challenge: Add the number of years you've spent in our humble, underpaid profession. Take that number and add to it the number of your student names as of today you have never SEEN or HEARD of before this school year and send it in as a comment.

We will all ooh and ahh over the results!!

So here's my numbers: 32 + 48 = 80. Try 'n beat that!


  1. I will play but school does not start till Sept. 8th!

  2. I'll play! I can't beat it, though. I have 62 names I have never seen before. This is my 7th year, so 69.

  3. School hasn't started here yet (teachers start next Tuesday for 2 days of prof. development, then kids start next Thursday, a week from tomorrow)so I don't know how many new students I'll have. But I know the kindergarten is small, maybe 30 kids, and I'll guess there's probably another 10 or so new kids scattered throughout the grades. And like you, I started in fall '76 (so I don't need to do the math, I already KNOW!!), only I taught STEADILY until now, with only 1/2 year off for maternity, so here's my #'s:
    34-1/2 years plus 40 kids =(rounding up)75.

  4. Math is not my strong suit, but yes there is a trend of unusual names and unusual spellings of usual names.


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