Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Room Placecards

It's that time again - time to create new placecards.

It sure helps to learn names faster and to help my classroom management. They are kept in our class drawers between classes, neatly stacked with the table helper's placecard on top of each table group. The helpers can easily find their stack at the start of each class period.

Everybody gets a 5" x 5" square of white tagboard that's been folded in half. The students use yellow, pink and orange markers (only light colors) to draw line/shape patterns - front and back. I ask them to NOT use marker on the inside - it makes the tagboard too 'soggy' and it loses its stiffness.

I write the names in black - this can be done before, during or after they draw their designs. I tried to have students write their own but some names were too small or too illegible or... Turns out I can read my own handwriting better than 600+ personal styles - go figure!!

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