Friday, January 14, 2011

Texture Rubbings

My first graders have started crayon texture rubbings and are thrilled with their work so far...

Instruction began with a discussion of the differences between visual texture -
the patterns you see on the laminated 'wood' texture of our tables
the patterns you see on the ceiling tiles
the patterns you see on the sole of your shoe

and tactile textures - how something feels on your fingertips, like
your hair
your clothing
the sole of your shoe

Then we move to the demo table for a demonstration on using tactile textures of a variety of materials to create visual textures.

They use construction paper crayons on different colors of construction paper cut to 3"x 4 1/2"size. Each student is instructed to use 2 textures and 2 colors on 6 different papers.

We'll use these papers later to assemble a collage creating an imaginary animal in its environment in the weeks to come...stay tuned for pictures of completed artwork at the end of the month...

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