Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art Room Visitors

Got a call from my custodian early this morning - my room was one of many rooms broken into overnite at our school. My heart just dropped! I was so concerned about vandalism/destruction/theft.

Fortunately, the extent of damage was only the window they broke to enter my room. 'They' went through my desk drawers, filing cabinets and supply drawers behind my desk. I made a quick trip over lunch to check on everything. Only missing one or two small electronic devices (school purchase) from the desk drawers. So glad I remembered to bring my digital camera home last week!

Obviously, 'they' were not artists - they passed over brand new sets of color sharpies, a beautiful 'Tree of Life' sculpture on loan from a colleague and various artifacts from Polynesian and South American cultures.

Due to the break-in, 3 small windows will be permanently covered by sheet metal - no more tracing on the window...have to think of a creative way to dress that up. Hope your day was less eventful!


  1. Sheet metal... Perfect for magnets.

  2. Of course! Maybe I can cut up some of those pliable business magnets and have the kids create a masterpiece - I'll be sure & post pix afterwards...


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