Sunday, July 4, 2010

Inspiration from World Wide Web

I’ve been web surfing to come up with new ideas for this next year. I discovered new websites and visited old favorites.

I enjoy checking the websites for two of my favorite art education magazines:
School Arts (
along with Arts and Activities (
On their websites, they offer a selection of their published lesson plans as downloadable PDF’s.

I love this site for an introduction to my lesson on mudcloth printmaking, especially since I can use my ActivBoard to have the kids design their cloth:

Everything you ever wanted to know about Eric Carle and his art:

NAEA has a good site for art professionals to share ideas at

Also check out your state’s Art Education Association website (or any other state) – some post lesson plans or recommend websites to help with lesson plans.

Of course be sure to google your favorite art suppliers since many post lesson plans as well:,, etc.

My students enjoy visiting the interactive site to learn about art and I often use the activities along with my ActivBoard.

Many of the great art museums have wonderful sites to explore and learn from. Here are a few:
The Art Institute of Chicago:
The Getty” Smithsonian:

Interested in incorporating more rubrics into your lessons? Check out:

Please share any sites that you rely on for inspiration!

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  1. Wow, great list. A lot are unfamiliar so I'll have to check them out. On another note, a friend and I went to the fabric store today. Would you believe that they have a set of Eric Carle fabrics? The Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear. How 'bout some of them for aprons?


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