Friday, July 30, 2010

Desk Height

This week I put together a new desk chair - actually a 24" swivel barstool. Since my room is long and narrow, I like to raise my desktop to about counter height. I use 6" bed risers & slip them under the desk legs.

Being of short stature (5'2"), the taller height of my desk (and chair) helps me to see everyone across the room in those very rare moments when I'm at my desk during class. Also, the taller height is much easier on my back when I need to work there without a chair.

I used to have a desk/office chair that would elevate to the needed 24" seat height but it cost $120 and lasted only 1 year. This time, I'm trying a $30 barstool, on sale at Big Lots. Hope it works well for me...

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