Sunday, October 21, 2012

Art Lessons for the ActivBoard/Smartboard

Last Wednesday, I had a retired Art teacher sub for me while I was attending Grade Level Leader training. He's quite a techie & I was lamenting that I didn't get all of his flipcharts before he retired. Greg reminded me that they are all uploaded on Promethean Planet for anyone who would like to use them! Just type his name (Greg Patrenos) in the search function and browse to your heart's content. His speciality is Egypt studies...

Joining the site is free and there are many free downloads. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks! Great stuff! I just pinned it! :)

  2. Great tip! I have to get more familiar with my Activ Board and now I know where to find Greg's lessons. Thanks!

  3. When you open the lesson, Greg said to be sure to click on 'teacher notes'. The other nice thing is once you have his lesson, you can adapt/change the text without having to create one from the ground up - quite a timesaver!


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