Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2nd graders discover Jasper Johns

My second graders are finishing up their tempera paintings that were inspired by Jasper Johns (and my good buddy Barb!). The lesson began with a short presentation and discussion of Johns paintings that used numbers and letters as symbols.

Our first step was to draw numbers or letters in pencil that had meaning for each student. Tempera was painted over each symbol - each 2nd grade class (I have 4 groups) painted this step with the same color so it would be easy for me to sort later if the work was not labeled correctly by the student.

Each painted symbol was outlined in another color - student's choice!

The background was done by painting a variety of tints...

We were inspired by the words of Johns to "do something, do something to that and then do something to that" so we continued to add details of shape and line to add interest.

I'm so proud of their efforts!


  1. I love Jasper Johns - so simple but so effective! Great tip having a key element (e.g. 1st color) the same for each class to help sorting later!! I imagine it will save you heaps of time :)Elizabeth

  2. These turned out great. I like how you incorporated tints in the background.

  3. Such a simple concept -- great renditions!!! I'm going to remember this:))


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