Sunday, September 25, 2011

Line and Pattern with 1st Graders

These early days with the young ones are spent teaching basic skills (how to stay seated on a art stool, not talking when teacher is talking, not hitting your neighbor, getting familiar with the timeout chair, etc, etc) & experimenting with art materials (markers, scissors, glue bottles).

In the project 'Bug on a Rug' students used their 'smelly' Mr. Sketch markers to draw the 4 kinds of line following step-by-step directions to create a rug pattern. This was followed by scissors work to cut fringe on the short sides of the 'rug'.

The next class had the young artists concentrating on tracing around a plastic lid and using the scissors again to cut out a circle. They chose 2 larger pre-cut circles in contrasting colors to create a body & two wings. These pieces were then glued in place to complete the 'bug'. Six legs of pre-cut strips were the last to go on.

In the third and last day, students completed anything not done previously due to absences or slowness. Construction paper crayons were used to add more lines, shapes and pattern. As my artists turned in their work, I sat with each of them and assessed them on their knowledge of line by asking them to name the lines they had used in their work...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Zentangles for 4th Graders

Is it Fall Break yet? I think after a month and a half of school I just may be on top of things...maybe...

At least I have a few projects under my belt and pix to share! My fourth graders started out with a unit on line and Zentangles seemed like a good fit...

I developed a presentation featuring zentangles created by many different artists found online. Afterwards, my students did a guided practice with me using pencil on a strip of 2" x 12" folded into 4th's. We did 3 designs together and they filled the remaining spaces with original ideas or referred to a handout for ideas...

The final work was done with black fine line marker on a 6" sq. white paper. We folded the square into 4th's and corners to corners to create 8 triangular spaces. Students also used a white colored pencil on a black letter (their first initial) that was glued to the front of their zentangles...

I wanted the finished work to show the 4 kinds of line we reviewed (straight, curve, angle and broken), unique and varied patterns that also showed evidence of different light and dark values...

I wasn't crazy about the white pencil on black paper - was hoping for greater contrast. I think white gel pens might have worked better - what do you suggest?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memory

In honor of those who lost their lives on 9-11, those who lost their lives in the wars that followed and those who continue to work for justice, peace and tolerance in our world...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Art Room Passes

I don't know about you but I try not to handle the bathroom passes used in my room anymore than I have to...

Last year's bathroom passes HAD to be pitched - they were just falling apart and frequently fell to the floor which meant someone had to touch them...ewww!

So I dug out replacement parts (tagboard), labeled them, had our parent helpers laminate them and - here's my secret - taped magnets to the back!

My classroom doors are steel so all my passes have magnets on the back - business card magnets re-purposed! Everything stays neat & tidy on my door, ready to grab as they head out.

Now if only our fire marshal will overlook them...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3D Building Blocks

Some of my boys re-discovered the wooden blocks (after summer break) available for an extra art activity.

Now that full-day kinder is so focused on academics, these blocks were on their way out (teachers had to clean out unused equipment from storage closets) and I just couldn't bear to see them discarded or gathering dust on a forgotten warehouse shelf.

All ages love them! Girls as well as boys (I know I always loved 'em!).

My only complaint is the NOISE when used to build on tables or tile floor. I found a carpet remnant for FREE at Treasures 4 Teachers that solved the issue - students have to build on the rug!

Now, I just need to get more rugs for the 6 other boxes of blocks...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Musical Instrument Museum

I'd heard only GREAT things about this new museum in my my neck of the woods - the Musical Instrument Museum...So when I found out there was free admission this weekend, I could hardly wait!

I saw so many wonderful, inspiring instruments and all the cultural artifacts to go along with them. Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead after the first display.
So all I can share with you today is the variety of guitars presented...

The wheels are turning in my brain as I decide how I'll use these images to inspire art in my classroom this year...ideas?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Elementary Art Blogs