Saturday, September 10, 2011

Art Room Passes

I don't know about you but I try not to handle the bathroom passes used in my room anymore than I have to...

Last year's bathroom passes HAD to be pitched - they were just falling apart and frequently fell to the floor which meant someone had to touch them...ewww!

So I dug out replacement parts (tagboard), labeled them, had our parent helpers laminate them and - here's my secret - taped magnets to the back!

My classroom doors are steel so all my passes have magnets on the back - business card magnets re-purposed! Everything stays neat & tidy on my door, ready to grab as they head out.

Now if only our fire marshal will overlook them...


  1. If the fire marshal gives you a hard time... Any chance you can have them on the door frame? My plastic banana passes have been on the door frames for years. Our classroom doors are wood with a metal frame around the window.

  2. Nah - metal door, metal frame...You know how hit or miss it is with those inspections though, I'll just wait & see!


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