Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Art Museums

Finally getting the cobwebs dusted off this blog & ready to start posting again! Just got back from my almost annual trip to the Midwest - reconnecting with family and friends.

Some of the week was spent in St. Louis - home of FREE museums! Since I managed to bring all the Excessive Heat Warnings from Phoenix to the Midwest with me, we needed to find indoor activities if at all possible. The first stop was Laumeier Sculpture Park. While the vast majority of work is outdoors, there is a nice little indoor museum/gift shop to cool off in after walking around the acreage...

Greeting you at the entrance is the mosaic, Ricardo Cat 1999 by Niki de Saint Phalle

Not far away is La Libellule, 1996 by by Armand P. Arman

This one was a bit eerie: Eye, 2007 by Tony Tasset

Knots, 1996 by Cosimo Cavallaro

This beautiful shelter is located in the children's sculpture garden. Sorry I don't have the artist's name - doesn't it look like a bug of sorts with all its many wings?

Here are 55 marine buoys tied together - from a distance it looks like a giant caterpillar! Ball? Ball! Wall? Wall!, 1994 by Donald Lipski

The Way, 1972-1980 by Alexander Liberman

Ahh...that air-conditioned museum was a welcome site as we returned from our hour long, sweltering hike around the grounds.

Please visit their website for a complete listing of the more than 70 sculptures on display and pick a day when the weather is compatible for at least 2 leisurely hours of walking...


  1. Well i am so glad that you got to enjoy ALL OUR FREE stuff here in ST. Louis.. I hope your visit to our town was great.. And I just wanted to thank you so much for brining the HOT!!!

    Over and Out
    Mr. R

  2. Ok, it's not an art museum but I have a new FREE spot for us to enjoy. You will be totally free to avail yourself of wet stuff too. Ever been down to the Salt River? Pen it in for October!

  3. Well, that answers my last question on your other post. Took my nephew there last month while I was in town visiting my family and it was so hot and humid that we didn't stay long. I love my city though. :)


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