Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ready, Aim, Focus!

With some of my classes, I've found that counting up helps my students focus on what they need to do during transition times...

For example, at the start of class, while I'm taking attendance, my reminders are "I see 2 tables have their jackets put away and placecards out. I have 3, 4, 5 groups ready..."

"I see 2 tables are quiet and ready to start. I see 3, 4 tables are now ready. I see every table is ready now."

At the end of production time, I announce that my table helpers need to meet me at the sink for cleanup directions. I start a familiar litany, "I have 1 helper listening. I have 2, 3 helpers listening. I have 5 helpers listening and 1 helper sleeping. (Insert classwide laugh & snicker here) Now, I have all 6 helpers ready - thank you helpers!" Then I can proceed with directions.

Do you have similar techniques/tricks to help your students' focus during transition times? Please share...


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  2. I really need help with this. I had one of those "considering leaving the profession" kind of days.

  3. How can I help? Drop me a line!
    Just so you know, even those of us with a 1000 and one tricks have bad days too...In fact I had one with my last class yesterday (2nd) and again this am with a 5th grade. We just keep plugging away & enjoy when it works the way it's supposed to!


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