Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ceramic Studio Tour '12

Today I attended the 11th Annual self-guided Ceramic Studio Tour here in the greater Phoenix area with my buddy, the Artologist. Although we were out and about for 4+ hours, we only made it to 3 studios but saw the work of 2 - 3 artists at each stop.

The 2nd stop was at Hjalmarson Pottery Studio located in the beautiful historic Willow district of downtown.

Halldor Hajalmarson specializes in press molds, sprigging and decorated vessels.

There were stacks of his many labeled molds,

an example of his sprigging set out to dry,

shelves full of potential glazes,

a bisqueware platter set out to dry,

hand made clay stamps,

and a finished platter tucked into plants at the base of his backyard tree.

While there, I purchased a copy of his book, Old Dog, New Tricks that details his processes. It's available for purchase through his website.

In future posts, I'll share some of the other work seen today...


  1. Great post! I missed taking some of the pics you got. Good girl. It was fun. Going to have to do it again next year. We'll make a weekend of it. I owe you a lunch for being the chauffeur!

  2. Be sure to stop by to see more pix of this studio and further commentary...


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