Monday, November 28, 2011

Calling for Comments

Here at my school we are collecting for the 4th baby shower of the year. We've also had 2 weddings so far...

Since we have a young staff, it seems every time we turn around someone is getting married with the baby train following in a few years.

As an art teacher/instructor/specialist here's my question: What do you do as a staff to honor all these life events? Do you personally have a signature gift that you create for the new bride/groom or baby?

I've done baby quilts in the past with the class of the expecting teacher but with standards-based teaching and pacing guides it's harder to justify a few classes away from the curriculum...

I thought maybe some of you would have some innovative ideas so PLEASE leave a comment and share!


  1. I have three schools but only participate in the "Courtesy Fund" at my home school. The committee set up guidelines for gift giving several years ago. The one gift is purchased as a staff gift for weddings and 1st baby. Plants/and or cards are purchased as a staff for deaths, hospital illness etc. This has eliminated a lot of problems and seems to work well with our staff.

  2. I've given knitted baby booties before and signs with the new last name for weddings. I bought some plain white onesies that I want to decorate with paint or applique. Oh, I am also going to buy some cool fabric and sew a curtain for the classroom door to give to an expecting teacher who will be pumping when she returns to work. I hang up my curtain with 2 magnetic hooks to stick to the metal and a little dowel rod. It's a pretty good system so I thought I would pass it on!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Pat, I remember the days when the funds from our 'social dues' covered most everything but with some staff choosing not to participate, there's less to go around...

    Katie - LOVE the idea about the curtain! As a former 'pumper' that would have been so useful!


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