Friday, August 13, 2010

Are you tech savvy?

Web surfing early this morning when I couldn't sleep led to a new discovery - Are you tech savvy? Found a new site - Free Technology for Teachers from my Treasures 4 Teachers Facebook page. Here's 11 things you can try with technology this year:

1. Build a blog

2. Build a Wiki

3. Build a website

4. Create Videos Without Purchasing any Equipment

5. Create Maps to Tell a Story

6. Try Backchanneling in Your Classroom

7. Join a Social Network for Your Professional Development

8. Use an Online Service to Save Your Bookmarks

9. Get Your Students Searching More Than Just

10. Have Your Students Create Podcasts

11. Eliminate Inbox Overload

Some I'm familiar with, others are new to me - how many do you use?

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