Friday, June 11, 2010

Potential Art Helper

One day during those last frantic weeks of school, I had an unexpected surprise when I opened a class drawer to look for wayward projects that I needed to grade.

This was one of my larger 3rd grade classes and the usual drawer is a mishmash of placecards, table folders, unfinished projects, and other assorted debris. This is a pix of what I expected to see:

Instead, in this one particular drawer, I saw THIS:

I meant to interrogate the class at our next meeting so I could sign this student up as my ‘helper’. Unfortunately, due to a field trip, the next class was canceled and by the next meeting, I had forgotten☹. I’ll have to keep my eye on next year’s 4th graders to see who this might be…Maybe I can sign him/her up as an art helper!

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